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Ain’t no cusps here

Source: Ain’t no cusps here


Dwarf Galaxies on the Shoulders of Giants

Source: Dwarf Galaxies on the Shoulders of Giants

Solution Aversion

Source: Solution Aversion

Hubble constant redux

Source: Hubble constant redux

Neutrinos got mass!

Source: Neutrinos got mass!

Tension in the Hubble constant

There has been some hand-wringing of late about the tension between the value of the expansion rate of the universe – the famous Hubble constant, H0, measured directly from observed redshifts…

Source: Tension in the Hubble constant

Crater 2: the Bullet Cluster of LCDM

Recently I have been complaining about the low standards to which science has sunk. It has become normal to be surprised by an observation, express doubt about the data, blame the observers, slowly…

Source: Crater 2: the Bullet Cluster of LCDM

Crater 2: prediction verified.

The arXiv brought an early Xmas gift in the form of a measurement of the velocity dispersion of Crater 2. Crater 2 is an extremely diffuse dwarf satellite of the Milky Way. Upon its discovery, I re…

Source: Crater 2: prediction verified.

Reckless disregard for the scientific method

There has been another attempt to explain away the radial acceleration relation as being fine in ΛCDM. That’s good; I’m glad people are finally starting to address this issue. But lets …

Source: Reckless disregard for the scientific method

Going in Circles

Sam: This looks strangely familiar. Frodo: That’s because we’ve been here before. We’re going in circles! Last year, Oman et al. published a paper entitled “The unexpected d…

Source: Going in Circles

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