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What is Natural?

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I have been musing for a while on the idea of writing about Naturalness in science, particularly as it applies to the radial acceleration relation. As a scientist, the concept of Naturalness is ver…

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  1. PeterCooper says:

    A nice piece. For me simplicity is a guiding factor, if something is simple then it is more likely to be right than a complex model. MOND has the advantage of not requiring invisible particles that we haven’t been able to find. On the other hand how would gravity ‘know’ where to behave how? What could the mechanism be?

    I have a feeling, no more than that I admit, that we are missing some vital peice of information, and that we might be trying to use one model to explain several, very different, phenomena. Perhaps MOND explains glactic rotation curves and similar problems and in the first seconds of the niversea particle that doesn’t interact with EM but does with gravity explains clumping. That then leaves the question of what that particle was and why can’t we find it now? Primordial BHs? That just gives us even more questions. The next few years are going to be interesting


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