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Random Musings: Inspiration Strikes

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In my previous life in the film and video industry, I had the good fortune to attend a week-long workshop in Maine. The leader of the workshop gave all of us a little lecture one day on the topic of inspiration. I still remember the meat of it to this day. He told us that we should always surround ourselves with the things which inspire us. Seems simple and it really is one of those “palm-to-the-face” things, once you think about it, but how many of us really do it? Ever since I heard him explain it, I have always tried to keep that “bubble of inspiration” about me.

As a writer of fantasy and science-fiction, that means surrounding myself with things which evoke the imagery and emotions I wish to convey in my writings. My writing desk has quite few dragon sculptures on it. I love dragons, so sue me! There are my trolls (two of them), as well as my replica of the seal of King John. To the left of me is a dresser, the top of which holds the remainder of my small museum of interesting oddities: small statues of Celtic Gods and Goddesses, Tolkien-inspired figures and statues, my Native American fetish collection, as well as my candles and incense. Even my computer monitors (yes, I have dual monitors!) have inspirational items on them, usually fantasy artwork and images. The wall in front of me is taken up mostly by a window, but what wall space is available has even more dragon art, as well as my dream catcher and, of course, my daily reminder of how many words per hour/day/week/month it takes to reach 95000 words.

Whatever inspires you, whatever fires your imagination, surround yourself with it. Immerse your every moment in it. For me, it’s what keeps the world out and my mind focused and on my goal. It works for me. Let me know if it works for you. What do you do to keep yourself inspired every day?



  1. Harry M VanHoudnos III says:

    I don’t have a lot of stuff to work off of in my computer room where I do my writing. I do my writing out of my head. I find a idea I like and when I am done with a story, and I am not juggling a large number of stories, THEN I will start a new story. And I work on a chapter till its done, then post it, then start on the next one till its done, and so forth till the story is done. And as each chapter is done, I post it online for one and all to read.


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